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Meals Delivered to your door


Who may order Meals on Wheels?

Any New Canaan resident who is unable to shop for or prepare nutritious meals for themselves, regardless of age or income. The service is available on a short-or -long term basis from one to five days per week for anyone:

  • Who is recovering from injury or surgery.
  • Who has a temporary or permanent disability.
  • Whose family is not able to help.
  • Who is infirm due to illness or age.

Our Menus Include:

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Founded in 1972
  • Hot Entrees
  • ​Sandwiches

When are the meals delivered?

Our meals are picked up at !0.30am and are delivered between then and 12:00 pm Monday through Friday, including holidays, by volunteers from the community and various churches and civic organizations. Clients can determine how many days per week they receive meal deliveries.

How does someone sign up for meals on wheels?

Any New Canaan resident can contact the MEALS ON WHEELS OF NEW CANAAN Program Coordinator to receive a client application or discuss eligibility. Clients are also referred by family, friends, medical professionals, and community service organizations.

  • Soups
  • Side Salads